If Minds Could Write

The idea of having my own thoughts being read by a lot of people is just one of the things that urged me to create this blog. I can’t seem to resist the temptation of being able to share my interest and opinions about certain things in my life to everyone. Because I’m a terrible writer is also one of the reasons I started blogging. Not because I want to be known about it, of course (Who would want that?). Rather, I want to improve my grammar and writing skills and be able to, hopefully, build my very own site and be confident enough to post on it. (So you are very much welcome to comment about my writings in the comments section of every article of this blog and I’ll happily ponder upon them. ^_^)

The fact that the flow of our thoughts is faster than our hands could ever write them is probably one of the biggest hindrance that made me lose my interest in writing. It’d actually happened to me a lot of times before. Mind you, I’d even wasted a pad of paper with pure none sense words after attempting to write an article! Putting my thoughts into words is just that difficult for me. And the worst, let’s say I’ve thought of something and forgot it a little. Then, every time I tried to remember what I was thinking a while back just won’t pop up my head anymore, and if ever I succeed, what comes to my mind is totally different. I also find it hard to pick the best words that will deliver the exact message that I have in mind.

To sum it up, I’m totally a loser in writing. And guess what? The mere thought of me being bad in writing just made me want to write more. I don’t know, it’s like my hands would suddenly feel itchy and I’ll just see myself writing. Funny isn’t it? It gets even funnier after that. Most of the time, I find it easier to write at night–especially before going to sleep, than during the day! LOL I’m so weird. Anyway, thanks for reading this article/rant about me. Also, sorry for my bad English. I hope it gets better the next time I write, though. I still have a lot to learn. Again, thank you for visiting my blog and may you have a great day. ^_^

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