Firefox: Facebook Sidebar

To carry on the Mozillian spirit, here’s a cool feature which I think most of us (yes, including me) miss when using Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Obviously I got information about this feature during the MozTour and I find it really helpful as it let me do some form of multitasking.

Basically the Facebook Sidebar is an Add-on, a feature that makes your browsing experience richer. It adds an always accessible and interactive “window” within Firefox while you browse other websites in the main window itself. Refer to the screenshot below if you can’t understand what I am saying. 🙂

To enable Facebook Sidebar, first you’ve got to be using Firefox and if you’re not you can download it here. After installing Firefox, click the “Tools” button on the Menu Bar, it’s the list of buttons at the very top of your browser window and select “Add-ons”. Then you’ll be taken to a page displaying all the available add-ons for you to install. If you can’t locate the Facebook Sidebar icon anywhere on the list, type in the name on the search box on the top right-hand corner. Lastly, click the “Install” button. After that you’ll be prompted to restart the browser.
To fire up the Facebook Sidebar, press Ctr+Alt+F or click (on the Menu Bar) View>Sidebar>Facebook Sidebar. Type your log-in credentials and start surfing the web without missing any of your friends’ status updates. 🙂

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