Email-to-Blog and Summer

Hi! Summer is finally here. And as I type this blog post, I’m actually on my way to my hometown to spend the summer!

After I publish my previous post yesterday, I made some changes to my Blogger account and enable its Email-to-Blog feature. This automatically publish whatever email I send to my Blogger account. So the sole purpose of this post is for me to apologize to you guys because I am not sure what my next post would look like. I actually have no idea how this post would appear on your screens.

I know you’re wondering why would I do such thing if I can use a computer. Well, that’s actually the problem. Honestly, I made most of the posts in this blog with my N5130. How? Just before I enable the Email-to-Blog feature, my Blogger account is set to save emails sent to it, and when I finally have time (and money!), I go to an Internet Café to edit those drafts. And that’s basically where TECH.DOODLER is built: computer shops and my phone.

Why automatically publish emails? There are computer shops in provinces too!

Yes there are cafés but they are somewhat rare in our place and internet connection is pretty slow. And those with decent speeds are 5 kilometers away, imagine that! Most of all, vacation is vacation. It’s my time to rest — and gain weight. Ha! But that doesn’t mean I won’t post anymore. I promise, I will! It’s just that, I won’t be having that much time to edit my postings, that’s all. I’ll try to get my hands on a computer at least once a week, though. 🙂

Another problem is links. You may have noticed that my posts contains a lot of links, even the images are hyperlink-ed actually. So for the meantime, all links will be enclosed in ‘s followed by parentheses containing the address. (, for example. As for the headings, they’ll be in UPPERCASE for ease of reading. Don’t worry, as I’ve said before, I’ll be editing them just fine.

I think that’s it as I’m getting dizzy now. My stomach gets all wobbly whenever I text on a trip. And I’m on a 12-hour trip right now. O_O

Bye. Have a great summer!

And thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Anyway, if you want to get in touch with anything crazy I’ll be doing this summer, you can follow me on Twitter (@sage_rosamiran) to get the latest of my whereabouts.


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