Opera Mini

Hey guys. I just want to share this little tool to you as it helps me a lot in surfing the web.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a web browser optimized for mobile phones, smartphones and personal digital assistants; Opera being the name of the desktop version. The current version of Mini is 7.1 — for Java phones, at least. 12 and 12.1 for Symbian and Android respectively. I’m using this mobile browser for almost 3 years now and it helped me a lot in doing homeworks, reviewing for an exam, social networking and keeping abreast with the latest news in mobile technology. I also use it in downloading songs, images, videos, themes and games.

Surf more, for less the money

This is where I love Opera Mini. Before it sends webpages to your phone, it compresses images and other elements which results to faster surfing and less data consumed. If you’re in a tight data plan, Opera Mini is a great tool for your browsing needs.

You can download Opera Mini by clicking the image above.

It automatically detects what type of device you’re using and suggests the best version for you. Hit the “Download” link and install Opera Mini.

Happy surfing! 😀


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