Firefox 20 is here!

Hey guys! Our favorite browser just received a major update from Mozilla, replacing 19.04.2 (If I’m not mistaken. :D) with the 20th version. Along with this comes some 3,000 bug fixes and patched security flaws. What I’m really excited about though, is Firefox 20’s new tab functionality. Previously, users wanting to browse the Web privately would have to start up a new session of Firefox. This is totally what I’m doing right now. Ha! Now, users can set the privacy of each individual tab, saving the trouble of having to run multiple Firefox windows.

Users with many plug-ins installed are also intimately familiar with the annoyance that comes with one of them crashing. If a single plug-in ceases to function, the entire browser used to hang in suspended animation as Firefox attempted to address the issue. In the new version, unless the plug-in directly affects the content on a Web page, a malfunctioning plug-in will not cause the whole browser to freeze up.

The download manager also experienced a small redesign. Instead of taking users to a separate download page, a small clickable arrow shows their pending downloads unobtrusively.

To update your Firefox to the 20th version, click “Help” in your browser’s menu bar then select “About Firefox”. The browser will then start searching for an update and well, begin updating! πŸ˜€

Happy surfing!


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