Say hello to Pluto’s newly named moons: Styx and Kerberos

As I was browsing through my Reading list today, I came upon this article – courtesy of Engadget, saying that Pluto’s unnamed moons (P4 and P5) has now been, well, named. The naming was supposed to be via SETI’s election that lasted for two weeks garnering over 450,000 regular votes and 30,000 write-ins. Many wished for the moons to be named for Stephen Colbert or the Romulan home world, but the IAU found those choices to be unfit for the new moons. Instead, we now have Styx,which is the river between Earth and the Underworld, and Kerberos, a three-headed dog  that serves as a guardian to Hades joining Nix, Hydra and Charon. I guess Pluto’s home for Greek Gods, eh? 😉

Source: Engadget


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