Reliving the first @DevConPH-hosted event I’ve attended

As this is the first @DevConPH-hosted event I’ve attended, I guess it’s okay to take this into account. It’s sponsored by @globelabs, @Jumpsparc and @MicrosoftPH among others.

(I actually can’t wait to get home to blog about this.)

Glad the program hasn’t started yet when I arrived though I’m 45 minutes late. *Phew*

After a couple of minutes, some introductory rights were given by Mike – a former Firefox and Google Student Ambassador who currently works in Hewlett-Packard.

Then the floor was given to Mike (a different Mike of course) – a member of Jumpsparc who introduced us to the basics of coding/programming an Arduino.

Though his talk is basically basic, I actually enjoyed it because he is so straightforward; joking about the truths of programming that we didn’t realize we’re actually learning. The guy sure knows how to get an audience engaged to his talk.

Through the length of his workshop, I got acquainted with @gelo32k and his friend (Jonelle) who are both computer engineering and electronics and communications engineering graduates, respectively. (Don’t know if I heard it right. Electrical, maybe.)

One thing why I like attending events like this one is having to talk with people who share the same interest as me. I don’t know but I feel comfortable with them. (Though I basically just listen the whole time due to my disorder in speaking). The other, to my belief is that the things I learn from workshops and seminars are invaluable. Sometimes I just get so amazed by what the people I’m with achieves, like this one:

Here, Jonelle (who’s the mastermind of all these wickedness ;)) programmed an LCD panel which was controlled to display a certain string of characters by an Arduino. Later, he was able to control the contrast displayed by the LCD using a potentiometer. (Though we are instructed to use an LED!) The code provided to us was quite different though as it controlls how fast or slow the blinking of the LED goes, instead of it fading in or out. Lastly, we are instructed to open the serial monitor of the Arduino’s integrated development environment (IDE) to see the value currently going out of the Arduino’s analog pin.

In our case, it’s quite different of course. Instead of firing up the serial monitor, Jonelle has made the LCD to be the serial monitor itself; outputting the value produced by the Arduino’s pin. Wicked, isn’t it?

After Sir Mike‘s talk was Mr. Nelson’s. He showed to us a device capable of displaying six (I think) numbers (in his sample code, it made the first seven segment display display a number and the segment to its right a number less than one and so on) and is able to assess its environment through a lot of sensors. I guess his device showed the power of IoT. It’s able to be controlled wireless-ly (Bluetooth! He actually let the crowd control a coffeemaker using Bluetooth!). Excuse me for my awe, I’m just really struck by how awesome this thing is! (Sorry @gelo32k, I know you’re cursing Arduino but I really think it’s cool. Haha)

I had a good laugh when @gelo32k joked about the Bluetooth-controlled coffeemaker, using a cliche of the networking world: offering a cup of coffee and the Bluetooth-controlled coffeemaker is supposed to make you business more invest-able.

We are also introduced on how you can monitor your home wherever you are!

After some announcements, it was called a day and we had our group photo taken.

And I’m one of the day’s raffle winners!

Raffle winners. @globelabs @jumpsparc#DevConPH #ArduinoCodeCamp #GlobeLabs #JumpSparc

Posted by DevCon Philippines on Saturday, 18 July 2015

*Something I’ve learned though, aside from the main topic of the event: Based from sir Mike‘s talk, you really can’t give a proper lecture to a crowd of developers/programmers (e.g. where everybody is listening) if they had their hands on something that caught their attention. I think that’s just how geeks are. I think they have some ADHD of sorts (me not included lol). And I find it funny.


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